Oursky is a software product studio with offices in Hong Kong, London and Taipei. A diverse and socially progressive team of experts working remotely from different locations. We are a technology-oriented and developer-driven team and values craftsmanship.

Our mission is to create open-source solutions to help enterprises in digital transformation and support developers in building secure and privacy-aware software.

We are self-funded, ensuring our engineering culture and excellence are built into our digital products.

Products & Services


FormX extracts structured key information from documents (scanned or captured by mobile phone).

Users can train a new model by uploading and labelling samples or use FormX API quickly with our pre-trained models on receipts, invoices, IDs/passports, etc.


Authgear is a plug-and-play open-sources auth for consumer apps to grow, developer-friendly with opinionated defaults.

It helps businesses to improve user experience and signup conversions, security of their users, and unify auth experience across multiple platforms with simple integration.

Professional Services

We build digital products with great user experience for clients all over the world. We provide UI/UX design, software development, machine learning, QA, and product management consultancy for clients that range from rockstar startups to multinationals like Google, Milwaukee, Standard Chartered Bank, and HSBC.

Engineering Culture

We have a strong engineering culture. We use the latest programming languages (most of our codes are in Python, Go and Typescript, but we also use Haskell, Rust, and other new languages experimentally), maintain a high standard of code review, and adopt streamlined internal tools for DevOps and continuous integration (CI).











Open Positions

Life at Oursky